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About Homelessness

10 Homeless Organizations in Portland, Oregon

October 10, 2010 – World Homeless Day
Millions of people around the world are mobilizing to participate in the first annual World Homeless Day. Portland Rescue Mission has launched the www.1010PDX.org website as a catalyst and resource for participation in the Portland, Oregon area.

We’re counting down the 10 weeks to 10-10-10 with a new Top 10 list each week to spark discussion and ideas.


One response to “10 Homeless Organizations in Portland, Oregon”

  1. JOSE Ibarra says:

    Good Morning,

    My name is José Ibarra, and I am the coordinator for the Multnomah County Interfaith Initiative. As I am new to the position, I am very interested to get to know people from the Interfaith Community serving our homeless community in Multnomah County.
    I am looking forward to meeting with your organization to introduce myself and learn about opportunities for collaboration.


    José Ibarra
    Multnomah County – Interfaith Coordinator

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