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Portland Rescue Mission Personal Perspective: Jamie Bradshaw

Volunteers play an invaluable role in the ministry of Portland Rescue Mission. In 2022 alone, 877 volunteers served a grand total of 15,397 hours. Each hour was filled with the kind of relational care that brings hope to men, women, and children who struggle with hunger and homelessness. The gifts of time, talent, and heart make it possible for the Mission to serve our neighbors in need, and for that, we are so grateful! This month our Volunteer Profile features our friend Jamie.

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Jamie Bradshaw, and I am a wife and mother of 8 kids and 6 grandkids (so far!). I have been teaching the Life Skills class regarding work since the program first opened to volunteer teachers, and I have also helped with a once-a-month pizza dinner that our church provides for Shepherd’s Door. I have been volunteering for a couple of years.

What inspired or prompted you to volunteer with the Portland Rescue Mission?

I heard about the volunteer opportunities through other ladies at my church, and their enthusiasm for the growth they could see in the ladies at Shepherd’s Door was so encouraging.  It is a program that works on changing lives through Christ.

Could you describe what your role is and how you help support the people that PRM serves? 

I get to teach ladies what God says about work, and it has been a very helpful lesson as it gets to the heart of why we work as Christians, what we’ve been designed for, etc.  I have enjoyed the discussions with the ladies about how they are thinking differently about their future because they see a path forward.

What has been an impactful moment you have experienced or witnessed while serving? 

When teaching one day, the story of David and Goliath came up, and I asked the ladies how many had heard the story before. I was surprised that there were some ladies that had never heard it before, and so sharing the story was so special to me. I also enjoy seeing how much the ladies care about the others in the program. If someone is struggling with something about their program or something from their past, then they all want to see that woman overcome and make it through the program, and when a participant leaves, then they grieve.

What would you say to encourage others who may be interested in volunteering? 

I love to tell people that there are lives being changed through the Portland Rescue Mission and Shepherd’s Door.  There are so many ways to help, and that even if you have a small window of time or even very practical skills (gardening, cooking, reading to children), there are things you can do that will have a lifetime of impact on women and children.

If you would like to explore volunteer opportunities for yourself or your group, please visit our Volunteer Page.