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A Christmas Card to You


“This Christmas is my first Christmas with my mom. We will enjoy fun activities with friends, go to church, listen to beautiful Christmas music, and get to have many amazing gifts filled with hope and love. Thank you for your kindness.”  James


This holiday season at Portland Rescue Mission, the men, and women in our programs have a message for you. We asked them to share what they are thankful for and what they would say to our partners who supported them on their journey through recovery to a new life. The men, women, and children poured out responses for you to see and created these amazing cards for our supporters.


Here are a few responses from women at our long-term recovery program,
Shepherd’s Door:

“Because of your generous gifts, my five-year-old will enjoy celebrating the holidays with Mama sober and celebrating together.”
– Naomi and her child

“Thank you for blessing my children and I with this amazing opportunity. We’ve never been anywhere so full of love or felt like we belonged anywhere until coming to Shepherd’s Door. God Bless.”
– Harmony and Roman (1 and a half years old)

“Without Portland Rescue Mission I had no hope for an enjoyable life with my children. I was so broken, but now I’m able to bring joy to my neighbor as you did for me.”
– Lisa

“My life is much better because of the Portland Rescue Mission. I was feeling hope when I got the call to come to Shepherd’s Door. It’s been the miracle I’ve needed. So, thank you for the support. Merry Wonderful Christmas.”
– Sarah

On any given day, there are over 4,000 people in Portland who have lost everything and have become homeless. Additionally, Portland ranks last in the country for the availability of safe shelter and life-restoring care. Portland Rescue Mission meets that need by keeping our doors open 24/7 so that we can be a trustworthy source of hope and safety to anyone who comes to us in need.

Here are some messages from The Harbor, our long-term recovery program for men:

“Thank you so very much for giving to the Portland Rescue Mission. Without your support many men would not be inrecovery. You are saving lives with your contribution.”

“Merry Christmas. I’d been battling addiction and houselessness for six long years. I now have a new heart. I’ve restored relationships with my family and children. I’ve been shown a new life through the Mission.”
– Jesse

“Without you, my life would be a lot different. The Mission has given me a chance to get off the streets and receive the help that I need. May your holiday season be bright and merry, and the new year bring all manner of goodness your way.”
– David

“I am currently at The Harbor and I’m very grateful for the support that’s enabling me to remain in recovery and bring my life back on track. Bless you!”


Portland Rescue Mission touches over 5,500 unique lives every year and through your loving support and generosity, neighbors are helping neighbors this holiday season.

The men, women, and children enjoyed their time reflecting and creating these cards, and we hope you are just as touched as we are. From everyone at Portland Rescue Mission, thank you so much for your generosity. We hope you have a great holiday season!