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Interns Make Big Impact

Interns at Portland Rescue Mission are making a big impact this summer!

The Portland Rescue Mission Internship Program provides hands-on ministry training experience for people who desire to work in a non-profit organization or with homeless men, women, and children.

We’re blessed to have these dedicated, unpaid servants helping us carry out ministry to men, women and children in our city.

Pictured above: Jo Beth (Resident Advocacy), Paul (Accounting), Danielle (Pastoral Care in Women’s Recovery), Sean (Pastoral Care in Men’s Recovery), Kelsey (Pastoral Care in Women’s Recovery), Sammie (Outreach and Partnership), and Erin (Pastoral Care in Women’s Recovery).

Not pictured: Matt (Outreach), Mike (Outreach), Kristen (Children’s Center), and Liz (Advocacy in Women’s Recovery)

Thank you, interns, for the valuable work you do!