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Inside the Mission

Mission Bar-B-Que Partners with Human Solution to Make an Impact on People’s Lives

Our vocational training participants had a great opportunity to express their gratitude through service by serving women, families and children at Human Solutions’ Lilac Meadows Family shelter. Our Mission Bar-B-Que truck has not been out for awhile but now it has become a mobile ministry, making an impact on lives.

“It’s real life work skills. We have a chance to bring the truck out and allow these participants to engage in community support and learn some tangible work skills,” explained Ginger Whiting, Portland Rescue Mission’s Vocational Advancement Manager.

Human Solutions has been in the East County for 31 years working to bring housing and economic security to families. They envision vibrant, healthy neighborhoods where all people can share in the security, hopes and advantages of a thriving, supportive community.

Lilac Meadow shelter residents were served a special meal from Mission Bar-B-Que along with delicious preacher cookies, made with love by the women at Shepherd’s Door.

Residents from the shelter came out and couldn’t believe that Mission Bar-B-Que was for them. 

Offering Dignity

“They kept asking, ‘Is this really for us?’” Ginger said.  “There was this sweet little lady who came out and got her food. And she was giddy. And she said, ‘Are you guys going to come back?’ After she ate she came back with tears and said, ‘I can’t believe this was for us.’”

“Having a food truck come is exciting. It’s a party!” said Lisa Frack, Director of Development & Communications, for Human Solutions. “When people come and do things they feel like someone cares and they are seen.” 

This is what it’s about. An amazing opportunity to make an impact in people’s lives. We are glad to partner with Human Solutions in bringing unexpected joy to people’s lives.