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“Downtown Compassion” Event This Saturday

From The Portlander:

Leading downtown Portland non-profits serving the city’s homeless and low-income have partnered with churches and community volunteers to provide essential services such as medical and dental needs as well as connecting people to area social services. The first ever “Downtown Compassion” event will take place Saturday, September 18 at Memorial Coliseum from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The Downtown Compassion event is a part of the Compassion Connect collaborative that facilities church, non-profit organizations and medical volunteers to host Compassion events. Nine such events take place in the greater Portland/Tri-county area. Hundreds of people have received medical, dental and social services at Compassion events.

Downtown Compassion comes at amid budget cuts for services to the homeless and low-income. The city funded annual Homeless Connect service fair has been cancelled due to budget cuts this year.

Organizers of the Downtown Compassion event are seeking volunteers in a variety of areas: medical and dental professionals, hospitality, food service and safety. Volunteers may register online at www.downtowncompassion.org

Portland Rescue Mission will be present at the Downtown Compassion event distributing clothing.  Your support helps us meet the practical needs of men, women and children in our area. 

Thank you.