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Reaching Out

Clothing Giveaway For Homeless Guests

Typical rainy days and cold nights continue here in Portland. Thanks to continued clothing donations, we were able to share a surplus of coats, shoes and other items with over a hundred homeless men and women last week. Our special thanks to 16 volunteers from Solid Rock church who helped us with the giveaway event.…

70 February 22nd, 2012 0
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Portland Church Partnerships Help Homeless Families

  From Oregonlive.com: Many in the Portland faith community believe it’s their core duty to help the destitute, and they don’t think their congregations are doing enough. At the same time, the prospect of doing more flummoxes them. Paul Schroeder understands the dynamic that freezes churches in place. As coordinator of the New City Initiative,…

76 February 6th, 2012 1
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Weekend Meals Now Available

Portland’s hungry and homeless will now have access to free lunches on Saturday and Sunday, served by Portland Rescue Mission and funded by The Walmart Foundation as part of its nationwide hunger relief program. For years the Mission has served a hot, nutritious breakfast and dinner, seven days a week, year-round, to anyone who needed…

84 January 10th, 2012 2
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Reaching Out To Homeless Women

Elaine walked to the Mission, exhausted. She looked forward to a warm meal in an encouraging environment, even if it only gave her relief from the street for an hour or so. As she settled into her seat to wait to go to the dining room, a young woman approached her. “Would you like to…

72 November 23rd, 2011 0
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Winter Shelter Begins

The nights have turned cold here in the northwest. To help care for our homeless guests, we’ve expand our capacity at the Burnside Shelter from 50 to around 130 beds and mats as of November 1st.  To those who don’t have shelter, we regularly hand out blankets to provide what warmth we can. You can…

84 November 11th, 2011 0
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Urgent Need for Socks

Each Tuesday night, a loving team of Portland Rescue Mission volunteers wash and massage the feet of homeless women. But we’re running low on clean, new socks to share. Could you help? Donate new socks at either our Burnside Shelter (111 W. Burnside, Portland) or Shepherd’s Door (13201 NE Halsey, Portland) at your earliest convenience.…

75 August 19th, 2011 0
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Evarardo’s Picture

From Darsey, a staff member of Portland Rescue Mission: I walked out the front door of Burnside Shelter to a clear, bright evening. I volunteer with some women to wash the feet of homeless women on Monday nights at Liberation Street Church, just across the street from the Mission, and we were heading over. As…

73 May 5th, 2011 0
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Portland Rescue Mission – ¡En Español!

Portland Rescue Mission serves a wide variety of men, women and children suffering from homelessness.  It’s not unusual to come across some who speak Spanish and very little English.  With the help of Spanish speaking staff and volunteers, we’re able to easily help these men and women get the resources they need. Matt Zrust, an…

68 April 29th, 2011 0
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Against the Wall – Annual Report

New Annual Report Shows High Impact In Current Recession Our latest Annual Report shows continued efficiency and significant impact in the lives of hurting people. Since 1949, Portland Rescue Mission has been feeding and caring for hurting, hungry people. In recent decades, we’ve expanded our ministry to help men, women and children through addiction recovery,…

78 March 22nd, 2011 0
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How Important Is A Restroom?

Last December, Holly, a member of our staff, met Rick* sitting on the sidewalk outside the Burnside Shelter.  Rick hadn’t eaten all day.  He was exhausted and dehydrated. Dinner was about to be served inside the Mission, so Holly invited Rick to stay and eat.  He declined. Rick’s reason for not eating or drinking may…

85 March 8th, 2011 0
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