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The Other Side of the Window – Doug’s Story of Hope

Doug knows what it’s like to try to fall asleep on the streets. Lonely. And cold. “I remember waking up soaked to the bone. Freezing rain was falling on me. Someone at a gas station gave me some coffee, but I couldn’t even drink it. Every time I’d bring the cup to my lips, it…

65 April 2nd, 2014 0
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Broken By Fear – John’s Story of Hope

John distinctly remembers sitting in his bedroom as a teenager just waiting for his dad to come home from work. “I would sit there listening for him to come up the stairs, sitting back waiting for the confrontation. That would be scary. One time I actually pulled a bag out and put it over my…

71 January 21st, 2014 0
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New Life

Here at Portland Rescue Mission, the people we serve find a loving environment where they are given grace for mistakes, freedom from addiction, practical skills, and renewed hope. The essential emergency services we offer, like food and shelter, open the door to deeper relationships with our homeless guests. From there, we’re able to offer a…

71 September 25th, 2013 1
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Faces of Addiction

From Yahoo News: Photographer Chris Arnade has been following the stories of addicts in Hunts Point neighborhood, the poorest in all of New York City, for several years. Of this compelling documentary project, he says, “What I am hoping to do, by allowing my subjects to share their dreams and burdens with the viewer and…

72 March 7th, 2013 0
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