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Burnside Shelter

4-Year Old Raises $576 To Help Homeless

The story of Terrance Burton Jr. is a simple, but powerful reminder to us all that to serve others, sometimes you just need a compassionate heart.

One day, Terrance asked his mom a simple question, “Do people really eat out of trash cans?” When his mom responded, “Yes”, Terrance came up with an idea.

“We’re going to raise some money – for the people who eat from trash cans,” declared Terrance. And on February 16, 2013, the Terrance Feed raised $576, which was divided between our downtown Burnside Shelter and Shepherd’s Door, the women and children’s ministry of Portland Rescue Mission.

Terrance’s efforts gave more than a meal, they gave hope to the hurting and addicted men, women, and children in need. Click here and see how you can get involved and help end homelessness.