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About Homelessness

How To Pack A Care Kit to Help Someone Homeless


What do I do when approached by a man or woman facing homelessness? Should I give them money?

You can donate to Portland Rescue Mission, where your money will go to provide the help and support men, women and children need to get off the streets. You can also create Care Kits to hand out to someone you meet.

Care Kits are a simple way to provide practical help to a man or woman facing homelessness. These are a great resource to keep in your car. Watch the HOW TO PACK A CARE KIT video above and download your FREE INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Things a Homeless Person Could Use.


A typical Care Kit consists of a watertight gallon-size plastic bag filled with items such as:







When you give your Care Kits away…









Melody Song embraced the idea of care kits so much so that she started a community service group that focuses on making kits and sharing them around Portland.

Often Melody’s Angels can be found handing out sandwiches on the streets or serving dinner at Portland Rescue Mission. They have made hundreds of care kits including socks, water, treats and other toiletries. Before packing their kits, Melody’s Angels meets together in the conference room at Melody’s work. They spread out notecards, markers and stickers and make sure that each bag includes an inspirational and encouraging note. “We want them to know that we care,” said Melody. READ MORE ABOUT MELODY’S ANGELS.