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About Homelessness

Help Us Get Ready For Thanksgiving!

We’re already counting down the days until Thanksgiving!

Yes, November is three months away. But when more than 700 guests come to eat with you, well, we need to start now to be sure there’s plenty of food! We’ve already started our grocery list for Thanksgiving, and it’s always a wonderful meal, but we can’t do it without your support. 

Especially with the growing need in our community. Since 2008, we’ve seen the number of hurting men, women and children – yes, families! – coming for daily meals grow by 48%! More than 950 meals some days! 

It’s likely to be even worse this year.

We’ll serve around 70,000 meals between now and Thanksgiving. And at every meal, there will be someone like Derrick at the table — lonely, searching, unsure of how to change his life. Someone who needs encouragement and love.

As we count down to Thanksgiving, your support is especially critical because it will help serve those 70,000 meals. More importantly, your support will provide that one meal that will start another man or woman on a path toward new life.

Please donate today to offer someone hope this holiday season. Donate online here.