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About Homelessness

Haunting Portraits of Homeless Men and Women

From This Colossal blog:

Manchester-based photographer Lee Jeffries is an accountant by profession, but for the past few years he’s traveled around the world photographing people he encounters on the streets, particularly the homeless.

He spends time getting to know each of his subjects before shooting them, which I think is completely evident in his work, as the stark portraits seem to suggest details of each individuals life, taking a hard unflinching look at their personal condition.

Jeffries was just announced as the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year and you can read more about him at the Independent.

>> See more of Lee’s portraits on his Flickr photostream


2 responses to “Haunting Portraits of Homeless Men and Women”

  1. John Papillon says:

    As a localized complement to the work of Mr. Jeffries, please check out this blog that I stumbled upon, taking into concern certain residents of the city of Portland http://storiesofskidmore.blogspot.com/ Mr Jeffries work tends toward the grotesque, and seems to purposefully strip the dignity away from his subjects. This may be a mistaken characterization, but the extreme contrast between light and dark in the portraits seems to draw the humanity out of the individual, creating distorted, haggard appearances that do not help to remind us of the importance of the humanity of the individual. Just one critics opinion.

  2. PDXMission says:

    Thanks for sharing the link, John. As for the critique on Mr. Jeffries’ work, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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