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About Homelessness

Connection – The Opposite of Addiction

I heard a speaker recently who succinctly captured a deep truth behind much of what we do here at Portland Rescue Mission.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.”


There are many reasons a person might become homeless. But relational isolation is experienced by all, especially if addictions are involved. A significant number of people are also imprisoned in the solitary confinement that addictions help maintain.
The essential piece that’s easily missed is this –

Addiction is more than a physical compulsion or criminal act. Pushing people toward detox or jail doesn’t address the core question: “Why do people turn to addiction in the first place?”

At the heart of most addiction stories is a painful truth. At some point, the mental and emotional weight of life – the hopelessness and isolation – seemed too great to face. To have any lasting effect, the cure for addiction has to do more than put distance between the person and his or her temptation. The cure must heal the heart and soul – providing tangible hope, forgiveness and honest, trust-filled relationships – so that the need to numb the heartache falls away.

God’s passion is to give hope and restore life to the hundreds of people who come to the Mission for help each day. Our passion is to live this out by serving their immediate needs, offering friendship and guiding them toward the free and fulfilling life God wants for us all. Your support offers more than sobriety – it offers healing, connection and a way back home.
Blessings, Eric Bauer
Executive Director

“If I needed something to eat, they fed me. If I needed clothes they gave me clothes. If I needed spiritual guidance they were there to talk to me.” -Melissa



“Four months ago I was lost, totally lost, not knowing where I was going in life. Today, I get to be a grandmother again. I get to be a mother again.” -Becky



“Last year I felt defeated, weak and tired. This year I feel awakened, strong.” -Anthony



“They loved me until I could love myself.” -Sherri


Come be part of the healing. Volunteer today, building a ‘connection’ that helps men and women overcome addiction.