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March Glimmers

God is doing amazing things in the lives of the residents here at Portland Rescue Mission! At The Harbor, our community of men overcoming homelessness and addiction, so many are seeing God’s work first-hand. Here are some ways the men have recognized God’s love in their lives. “I told God that if he would take…

4 March 28th, 2019 0
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Run for Recovery

Today is an incredibly important day for many of the residents here at Portland Rescue Mission. It marks the end of early morning training sessions, of getting out of a warm bed to step into the chill of the morning to do something so incredibly against everything they ever thought they could do. March 17th…

2 March 16th, 2019 0
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Our volunteers at Shelter 365

Volunteering can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Our annual telethons have been blessed with amazing group of people that are able to be part of the process to helps us provide shelter, meals and care for people in the Portland area who are suffering with homelessness. Whether answering phone calls or entering incoming data, our…

2 March 12th, 2019 1
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