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Dwight talks faith, direction and Mission Bar-B-Que with The Oregonian

Mission Bar-B-Que is not only the “best bar-b-que … in the northwest,” as described by two bar-b-que super fans from the south, it represents an entirely new enterprise for Portland Rescue Mission. And for Dwight, a former New Life Ministries graduate from The Harbor, it has also provided yet another life changing opportunity. After completing…

10 July 29th, 2015 0
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See lives transformed, join Portland Rescue Mission as a monthly supporter

Our dedicated staff and volunteers at Portland Rescue Mission love pouring out their hearts to serve men, women and children in need – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each year, at the Burnside Shelter, we serve over 330,000 nutritious meals and offer over 80,000 safe nights of shelter, as well as other…

12 July 23rd, 2015 0
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Homeless man’s music captivates nation, reconnects him with son (news roundup)

Here at Portland Rescue Mission, one of the greatest joys of what we do is to witness transformation in the lives of men, women and kids. From the moment someone steps into our New Life Ministries at either The Harbor or Shepherd’s Door, to the time they experience their graduation celebration, evidence of their past…

9 July 22nd, 2015 2
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Join Portland Rescue Mission in giving hope, restoring life (job openings)

It’s summertime at Portland Rescue Mission, and while many people are slowing down and enjoying vacation, our dedicated staff and compassionate volunteers continue to help men, women and children overcome homelessness and addiction–loving every minute of it. Our Hope, Pathway and New Life Ministries are firing on all cylinders, and we are looking for new…

17 July 17th, 2015 0
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Portland Rescue Mission overnight staff serves as ‘light’ and ‘shield’

The night hours are some of the hardest for an addict. And at Portland Rescue Mission, our Night Ministry team sees this firsthand. Serving as both a light and a shield, Night Ministry faithfully intercedes as they provide a safe presence for the men and women in desperate need for shelter and healing. At both…

13 July 15th, 2015 4
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PDX Cru finds how it fits in God’s puzzle at The Harbor

It started out like any other summer. After another school year came to a close, and most college students were headed home until the fall, one group’s summer vacation would remain on hold for at least three weeks. As part of Cru’s summer service projects, a group of students from around the country, none of…

10 July 15th, 2015 0
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Support Portland Rescue Mission with AmazonSmile on Prime Day

Are you ready for Christmas in July? You should be! Portland Rescue Mission supporters can shop this summer and give to the Mission through Amazon on Prime Day. If you are an Amazon Prime member, on July 15—this coming Wednesday—prepare for what Amazon says to be “a global shopping event, with more deals than Black Friday.”…

12 July 10th, 2015 0
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Elizabeth takes a ‘run with God’ at the Vancouver Marathon, and finishes

It was at around the four or five-mile mark in her training that Elizabeth was finished. She was done with trying to do a half-marathon—something she didn’t think she could do anyway. She was ready to move on and put this crazy idea in the rear view mirror. No more 6 a.m. training sessions, and…

14 July 7th, 2015 0
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How do you help a panhandler in Portland? Meet Rhea

Rhea’s been “flying a sign” for two years in east Portland. “I hadn’t done it in a long time,” she says. “I didn’t think I’d ever have to do it again, ya know?” Some people’s signs tell lies to gain sympathy, but Rhea can’t make herself do that. “I just have to be honest about…

10 July 1st, 2015 0
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How do you help a panhandler in Portland? Meet Shane

“When I first lost my job, I still had my van,” says Shane. “I would drive to Washington and collect cans. I could make $100 a day.” But when Shane’s van broke down, he couldn’t afford to fix it. He lost his ability to recycle for an income. Panhandling seemed like his best option. That…

12 July 1st, 2015 0
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