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New Life MInistry

Do something meaningful, work for Portland Rescue Mission

Are you looking for a new opportunity to do something that truly matters? Do you desire to play a vital role in helping end homelessness, hunger and addiction right here in the Portland community? If so, Portland Rescue Mission is actively hiring and looking for numerous positions to be filled throughout the organization. We have…

91 January 24th, 2015 0
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The Harbor feels ‘earthquakes’ from Luke 5:16 solitude retreat

For the men in our New Life Ministry’s 12-month addiction recovery program at The Harbor, working on themselves is often the hardest thing they have ever had to do. What can often take people their entire lives to navigate, individually, the men at The Harbor are trying to do in one year. It is an…

80 January 23rd, 2015 0
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Shepherd’s Door allowed Rachelle to stop running away, ‘let go and let God’

Meet Rachelle. There was a time when she had no hope and spent much of her time running away. Running away from hope and any sort of real direction in her life. Rachelle had “lost sight of everything.” She’d spend her days working and taking care of her kids while, deep within her soul, there…

79 January 12th, 2015 0
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