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mission bar-b-que

Mission Bar-B-Que, a hit at NW Alternative Housing’s annual picnic

The secret is out: Mission Bar-B-Que is a hit with people who have ordered from Portland Rescue Mission’s newest enterprise. Thanks, in part, to a story in The Oregonian about Mission Bar-B-Que pit master Dwight, a former New Life Ministries graduate of The Harbor, the praise keeps on coming. After reading Dwight’s story, as well…

71 August 27th, 2015 2
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Dwight talks faith, direction and Mission Bar-B-Que with The Oregonian

Mission Bar-B-Que is not only the “best bar-b-que … in the northwest,” as described by two bar-b-que super fans from the south, it represents an entirely new enterprise for Portland Rescue Mission. And for Dwight, a former New Life Ministries graduate from The Harbor, it has also provided yet another life changing opportunity. After completing…

81 July 29th, 2015 0
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Delighted southern couple deems Mission Bar-B-Que best in northwest

In case you haven’t heard, Mission Bar-B-Que is open for business at Portland Rescue Mission, and we can promise you, it’s really, really good. This, of course, may lead you to ask something else: How can we promise that, really? Well, we’re glad you asked. Now let us explain. On June 25th, we had our…

70 June 29th, 2015 0
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Mission Bar-B-Que empowers residents, serves up award-winning flavor

“What time is it? Bar-B-Que time!” We’ve started hearing the chant around Portland Rescue Mission, most likely from George Vaughan, our Donor Relations Manager and one of the key staff behind the launch of Mission Bar-B-Que. Also spearheaded by Social Enterprise Manager Dave Whiting, Mission Bar-B-Que offers the community the best of slow-cooked bar-b-que, while also…

71 May 13th, 2015 2
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