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Project Christmas Care: Make it a ‘Yellow and Black Friday’

As of Friday, the Christmas season is officially in full swing. Malls will be packed with people. Decorations will be up everywhere. Christmas lights will be glimmering. And between now and December 25, the calendar will be joyfully packed with activities and other events. It’s a time that, for many of us, is filled with…

88 November 25th, 2015 0
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Project Christmas Care: Make people in need feel loved and remembered

For many of the men and women in our New Life Ministries and Connect Ministry, the holidays remind them of dark and painful times. Their pasts are often filled with memories of homelessness, isolation, agony and discomfort.  With your help, this Christmas season offers new hope, and the chance to make new memories. Your gift today toward Project Christmas Care provides an…

97 November 24th, 2015 0
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More than one homeless person dies each week in Portland area, report says

The Oregonian’s Anna Griffin posted a very somber story late last week. According to the 2014 edition of “Domicile Unknown,” a four-year-old accounting of deaths among people experiencing homelessness, an average of more than one person who was homeless and living on the streets died each week. In total, there were 56 deaths in Multnomah County. Throughout…

85 October 22nd, 2015 0
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Give hope monthly at Portland Rescue Mission, join our Circle Of Friends

Are you passionate about Portland Rescue Mission? If so, consider joining our very special Circle of Friends! As a member of our Circle of Friends, you choose the amount of support you want to give each month, and it will be automatically deducted from your bank account or card. You’ll hear from us four times…

81 October 19th, 2015 0
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Help someone off the streets, refer them to our Connect Ministry

Refer Someone To Our Connect Ministry 1. Download your printable Connect brochure (PDF) below. 2. Hand it out to someone in need along with a Care Kit 3. Direct them to our Burnside Shelter for a hot warm meal: 111 West Burnside Street Portland, OR 97209 Want to do even more to help? Here’s 10 ways…

80 September 28th, 2015 0
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Conversations at Connect: Joanna talks about the power of a meal

For Joanna, a consistent meal at Portland Rescue Mission changes everything. A meal can be a start to a changed life. At the Burnside Shelter, Joanna found more than food, she found her value as a person. Q: How would you describe what the Mission has done for you? A: “I’ve been helped greatly. You…

84 September 21st, 2015 0
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After losing 30 years of his life, Gary finds ‘home’ at Connect

Gary knows what it’s like to sleep outside. Cold, alone and afraid. He remembers the gnawing pain of hunger so strong that it kept him awake at night. “I’ve been so hungry. One time it was 3:00 AM and I knocked on somebody’s door begging for food. It was just a piece of bread, but…

81 September 8th, 2015 0
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See lives transformed, join Portland Rescue Mission as a monthly supporter

Our dedicated staff and volunteers at Portland Rescue Mission love pouring out their hearts to serve men, women and children in need – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each year, at the Burnside Shelter, we serve over 330,000 nutritious meals and offer over 80,000 safe nights of shelter, as well as other…

82 July 23rd, 2015 0
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How do you help a panhandler in Portland? Meet Rhea

Rhea’s been “flying a sign” for two years in east Portland. “I hadn’t done it in a long time,” she says. “I didn’t think I’d ever have to do it again, ya know?” Some people’s signs tell lies to gain sympathy, but Rhea can’t make herself do that. “I just have to be honest about…

75 July 1st, 2015 0
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How do you help a panhandler in Portland? Meet Shane

“When I first lost my job, I still had my van,” says Shane. “I would drive to Washington and collect cans. I could make $100 a day.” But when Shane’s van broke down, he couldn’t afford to fix it. He lost his ability to recycle for an income. Panhandling seemed like his best option. That…

81 July 1st, 2015 0
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