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Birthday Party for the Homeless

Many homeless men and women watch their birthday come and go uncelebrated. But thanks to the generosity of Fred Meyer, 88.7 K-LOVE and your thoughtfulness, our homeless guests will know they’re not forgotten this year.

On Wednesday, March 30th, we’ll throw a birthday party complete with gifts, cake, cards and colorful decorations.

You can be a part of our annual Birthday Party for the Homeless when you send a birthday card with an encouraging note to let a hurting person know you care.

— Write a message in a store-bought or homemade card.
— Please do not include any personal information other than your first name.
— Enclose your card in the matching envelope, but do not seal it.
— If you like, include a donation to Portland Rescue Mission. Just $1.88 provides a hot, nutritious meal to a hurting person in need.
— Place the card and matching envelope in a larger envelope and mail by March 28th to:

Birthday Party for the Homeless
Portland Rescue Mission
P.O. Box 3713
Portland, OR 97208-3713

Special Thanks to 88.7 K-Love and Fred Meyer:


5 responses to “Birthday Party for the Homeless”

  1. Portland Birthday Party says:

    This is a very good work. It is always pleasure to work free for the helpless and homeless. I love your work. and thanks for sharing with us.

    Take care

  2. Sarah says:

    This site says to mail out cards by March 28th. Other sites say to send by March 1st. Is there going
    to be a few birthday parties ongoing? I LOVE this idea sooo much and definitely want to be a part of it.

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