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Burnside Shelter

A Meal to Remember


Last Thursday, Sysco and other volunteers took over our Burnside Shelter kitchen to serve our homeless guests a Meal to Remember that won’t soon be forgotten. About 500 homeless men and women were welcomed into the dining room where they were offered a seat and served a fresh, hot Thanksgiving-style dinner with ingredients from several local organizations.


It’s a community-wide effort,” said KOIN reporter Sally Showman. “Dozens of volunteers are here working on this food line getting the food out as fast as we possibly can to serve these folks. No one will be turned away.”

The 6th annual Meal to Remember was not only a very special time for our homeless guests, but it’s also the epitome of the effort and generosity that our volunteers put forth year round. For example, Sysco donated more than 200,000 pounds of food last year alone.

We’d also like to thank Pastini’s, Country Natural Beef, Portland Prime, Beaverton Bakery, Fish Grotto, and Black Rock Coffee for their donating their time and food to help fellow Portlanders who are experiencing homelessness.

“This is huge because it goes beyond just feeding a belly – it provides hope and reminds them, ‘I’m important and somebody cares about me,’” said Mission spokeswoman Alexa Mason.


It’s amazing what an impact one meal can make. Many of the men and women who are defeating homelessness and addiction in our New Life Ministry were first drawn in by a meal at our Burnside Shelter. Hundreds of recently homeless men (like Ron) have gotten back on their feet through our Link ministry – all thanks to one, life-changing meal at the Mission.

“A meal is that first step toward getting off the street,” Mason said. “A meal is that first step toward providing hope.”

To help provide life-changing meals and care, donate here.


Thank you for helping us make such a huge difference in so many lives.

Thank you for giving hope.