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The Harbor

Mondays at the Mission: Ep 35 – Meet Our Volunteers: Ray

Ray is just one of hundreds of volunteers who do everything from serving meals to helping men and women in our recovery programs to playing worship music and bringing hope to thousands of people each year. Ray volunteers each month at The Harbor, working alongside the men during their 12-month recovery process. “I’m sure you…

18 September 15th, 2014 0
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5 Men Conquer Homelessness & Addiction

A year ago, none of the men thought they could do it. Each was trapped in his own addiction, dragged down by a weight so burdensome that life just seemed hopeless. “I felt so alone,” Sean said. “I was deprived of any commitment to life. I didn’t have any purpose – the only thing that…

14 August 13th, 2014 0
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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 31 – Damian Graduates!

Five men graduated from our New Life Ministry recovery program yesterday! After 12+ months of addiction recovery, life skills training and spiritual transformation, the men are ready for the next phase of their lives. Several of the graduates are staying at the Mission for another year in our Service program, where they will work in…

20 August 11th, 2014 0
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Recovery Residents Enjoy Summer

It’s been an awesome summer for our addiction recovery residents at The Harbor and Shepherd’s Door! Hot, sunny weather is here and the men and women in our programs have taken full advantage of the amazing natural beauty of Oregon. We’ve found that physical fitness and adopting a healthy, active lifestyle are key elements to…

15 July 23rd, 2014 0
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On The Run – Sean’s Story of Hope

Sean first turned to drugs in high school to fit in with the “cool kids.” But before long, drugs took vicious control of his life, leading him down a path to homelessness and despair. He finally decided to flee from everything he’d ever known. “I needed to run away from everything I’d done. All my…

11 July 9th, 2014 0
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BedMart Donates 25 Mattresses

Food and shelter are critical parts of the services we provide and are often the first things that come to mind when The Mission’s needs are thought of.  However, one key component of shelter that generally doesn’t come to mind are the beds the men and women sleep on.  Quality sleep is a critical component…

17 July 8th, 2014 0
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8 Men Reach Goal, Run Half Marathon

On Sunday, May 18th, eight men from The Harbor, our men’s addiction recovery program, successfully completed the Portland Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon! The guys trained for 14 weeks through rain, cold and occasional sun in order to fully prepare for the event. “Training for this event gave me the opportunity to set a goal…

18 May 29th, 2014 0
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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 20 – Overwhelming Encouragement

You may have seen this story we launched earlier this spring featuring Doug, a man going through our New Life Ministry addiction recovery program.  WATCH: Doug’s Story of Hope video Since his story and video were released about 2 months ago, Doug has received overwhelming feedback and encouragement from friends and family. “They say I’ve…

12 May 19th, 2014 0
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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 19 – Life Skills Training

When a man or woman enters our New Life Ministry addiction recovery program, the goal is for them to walk out of our doors about a year later as a wholly transformed person – mentally, physically, relationally and spiritually. We also strive to give each person the tools they’ll need to be successful in whatever…

12 May 12th, 2014 0
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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 17 – Up And Running Again

This week’s edition of Mondays at the Mission features Justin from Up And Running Again, an organization that helps rescue missions all over the country create a program for their addiction recovery residents to run a half marathon. Their philosophy is that if a person can train to run a half marathon, then there should…

18 April 28th, 2014 0
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