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New CarMax Store Donates Money For Homeless

Special thanks to CarMax and KGW for teaming up to raise money for hurting, homeless people through us at Portland Rescue Mission! On Thursday, CarMax hosted the grand opening of their Clackamas store, inviting local TV station personalities to do a series of competitions on behalf of a charity of their choice. KGW chose us…

4 August 29th, 2014 0
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Q+A with Jonathan, a Former Graduate

Q: For those who don’t know your story, could you summarize your journey to the Mission? J: I was born and raised in the church. My family moved up to Oregon in 1996 when I was most of the way through high school. I failed to get plugged in to church, I failed to get…

4 August 27th, 2014 0
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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 33 – Drive Away Hunger!

Did you know that you can donate or buy a car from Portland Rescue Mission to help provide meals and recovery care for people in need? The next time you’re looking to get a new car, come donate your old one to the Mission, or just give us a call and we’ll come get it…

7 August 25th, 2014 0
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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 32 – Meet Derrick

Derrick is in our Link program. He came to the Mission from the streets: hurting, homeless, hungry, in search of a place that could help him get back on his feet. DID YOU KNOW? Portland Rescue Mission’s Link and Connect programs help homeless men and women get jobs and housing. They live at the Mission…

7 August 18th, 2014 0
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5 Men Conquer Homelessness & Addiction

A year ago, none of the men thought they could do it. Each was trapped in his own addiction, dragged down by a weight so burdensome that life just seemed hopeless. “I felt so alone,” Sean said. “I was deprived of any commitment to life. I didn’t have any purpose – the only thing that…

5 August 13th, 2014 0
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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 31 – Damian Graduates!

Five men graduated from our New Life Ministry recovery program yesterday! After 12+ months of addiction recovery, life skills training and spiritual transformation, the men are ready for the next phase of their lives. Several of the graduates are staying at the Mission for another year in our Service program, where they will work in…

9 August 11th, 2014 0
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INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Causes of Homelessness

You can’t stereotype homelessness today. It isn’t just men. It isn’t just adults. Yes, addiction plays a big role in landing people on the streets, but there are plenty of homeless men and women without an alcohol or drug problem. So, what does cause homelessness? Check out our “10 Causes of Homelessness” infographic to find…

9 August 8th, 2014 1
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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 30 – Part 7: Help A Hurting Person

It happens almost every day. You pull up to a red light and look out your window, and there’s the person, standing on the street corner begging you to help them. We all want to help, but what should we do? Should you give money, food, or a water bottle? Or should you do nothing at…

8 August 4th, 2014 0
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Vida Trout Turns 102 Years Old

Vida Trout, a longtime supporter of Portland Rescue Mission, turned 102 years old this week! SEE ALSO: Trimet Surprises Vida With “Birthday Bus” Vida has always been very mission-minded, and was actually good friends with the Van Diest family when they founded Portland Rescue Mission in 1949! Vida’s compassion for people in need is evident:…

9 August 1st, 2014 0
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