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New Life

Here at Portland Rescue Mission, the people we serve find a loving environment where they are given grace for mistakes, freedom from addiction, practical skills, and renewed hope. The essential emergency services we offer, like food and shelter, open the door to deeper relationships with our homeless guests. From there, we’re able to offer a…

12 September 25th, 2013 1
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Mikole’s Story of Hope

When Mikole was just 14, she was thrust into survival mode. Her mother, struggling with addiction after a bad divorce, often left her and her little sister home alone for days. The abandonment led Mikole to leave home and dive headlong into her own addictions. “I drank, smoked pot, did ecstasy and coke. I was…

7 September 20th, 2013 0
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Holiday Volunteering

We have a lot of needs this holiday season, and we’re so thankful that you’re interested in helping us love and take care of the homeless men, women, and children in our city! Although our one-time and short-term volunteer needs are already taken care of, there are many other ways that you can help homeless…

12 September 18th, 2013 23
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Meet Ron: Part I

Ron first moved to Portland in 2000, working a job loading and unloading furniture on and off trucks. He spent the next 13 years doing this, working for a truck driver friend. While at a truck stop in Troutdale, 61-year-old Ron slipped and fell out of the truck, severely breaking his ankle in four places.…

9 September 18th, 2013 0
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Link Men Move Upstairs; More Beds for Homeless

  The Link guys are movin’ upstairs! That’s right, the third floor of our Burnside Shelter that has been under renovation this summer has officially opened, allowing the men in our work-exchange program to move from the bottom floor to the roomier, sunlit upstairs bedrooms. “It’s really nice. It’s beautiful up here,” says Eric, a…

7 September 12th, 2013 0
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Volunteers Make a Difference

Every year, over 4,000 volunteers help us provide hope, transformation and total life recovery for homeless people in our community. These volunteers make it possible for us to do what we do: break the generational cycle of homelessness and addiction. Each year, we see more and more people that have desperate needs. That means we…

6 September 9th, 2013 0
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Listen to Randy’s Story

Randy was one of five men who graduated from our New Life Ministry last week. During the ceremony, each of the five graduates took the stage to share their stories. Listen to Randy’s powerful story here:

6 September 6th, 2013 0
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Five Men Conquer Homelessness

Just two years ago, Nate was completely homeless. Randy and Scott were caught in a downward spiral of alcoholism and despair. And Jonathan and Hunter were addicted to meth and heroin. Last Thursday night, all five of them graduated from our New Life Ministry in the first-ever graduation at The Harbor, our new facility for…

14 September 3rd, 2013 0
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