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Portland Rescue Mission – ¡En Español!

Portland Rescue Mission serves a wide variety of men, women and children suffering from homelessness.  It’s not unusual to come across some who speak Spanish and very little English.  With the help of Spanish speaking staff and volunteers, we’re able to easily help these men and women get the resources they need. Matt Zrust, an…

4 April 29th, 2011 0
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Jobless Woman Works To Help Homeless

From the Las Vegas Sun: Not long ago, [Shay] Kelley was just like any other 20-something. She was “living the life of luxury” with running water, a roof over her head and a job paying the bills as a sales representative for AT&T.  She moved from Illinois to Jackson, Miss., when the company relocated her…

8 April 28th, 2011 0
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Kesha’s Story of Hope

“The day my children were taken away, it felt like my heart got ripped out.  I had a nervous breakdown,” Kesha recalls. Kesha’s Story of Hope (Quicktime Version) Without compassion from friends like you, Kesha and her children would have been another devastating statistic.  But theirs is a happy ending. Your donation today helps bring…

7 April 25th, 2011 0
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Rise In Homeless Women – New Ways To Help

Around 1980 only 5% of homeless people were women. Today, that number is around 45%. Last week, executive director Eric Bauer spoke with radio host Georgene Rice about this troubling trend. Hear the short audio clip in the embedded player below or at this link. Get the Mp3 Player Widget widget and many other great…

4 April 21st, 2011 0
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Rate Us A Top Children & Families Nonprofit

Just a moment of your time could help position Portland Rescue Mission as a top-rated non-profit for children and families.Post A Review: If you love our work then tell the world!  GreatNonprofits.org is conducting a campaign to identify the top-rated children and family nonprofits in the country. Help us participate in the campaign by posting…

6 April 20th, 2011 0
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Inside Portland Rescue Mission – James

James came to Portland Rescue Mission looking for a way to break free from drugs and alcohol. Inside Portland Rescue Mission – James (Quicktime Version) Long term, he hopes to attend culinary school and return to the Mission as a volunteer — giving back to help people who are hurting. We chatted with James as…

7 April 19th, 2011 0
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Employment Opportunities at Portland Rescue Mission

Looking for a job? Join our team of passionate staff as we work to provide emergency care and long-term recovery for homeless men, women and children in the Portland, Oregon area. We’re currently hiring for the following positions. (See full descriptions here.) Staff Ministry (Human Resources) Specialist Drive Away Hunger – Vehicle Sales Drive Away…

8 April 15th, 2011 0
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Portland’s Largest Garage Sale

Buy hidden treasures at “Portland’s Largest Garage Sale”– and help Portland Rescue Mission, too! What:— Portland’s Largest Garage Sale— 500 vendors under one roof— Over 5000 shoppers When: — Saturday, April 16th— 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM— 7:00 AM Early Bird Tickets available Where: — Portland EXPO Center— 2060 N. Marine Dr, Portland, OR 97217…

9 April 14th, 2011 0
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When Anka Handed Out Birthday Cards

From the Flying Thoughts blog:Anka volunteered at our recent Birthday Party for the Homeless.  I’ve drove [sic] past the Portland Rescue Mission many times and saw the long line at it’s entry door, only I never dared to stop by and say ‘hi’ to any of the people waiting in line, mostly because I never…

6 April 11th, 2011 0
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Things Come Apart

From the Homelessness Law Blog:The willingness to talk to a panhandler reveals V’s story. “Baby, can you do something for me? It’s a big favor.” I nodded, trying to look encouraging. “You see, I’ve got this abscessed tooth on the left side –” She peeled her lip down to show me charcoal gums. “Hurts like…

6 April 8th, 2011 0
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