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Fixing Bikes For Homeless Men and Women

From L to R: Wrench Raiders volunteer Jacob Martinez, Larry Carver, Wrench Raiders founder C.J. Speelman.(Photos © J. Maus) From BikePortland.org: CJ Speelman has been working with the homeless for about six years. For him, bikes are merely a way to build community and relationships. “I was looking for what I could give folks besides…

6 January 27th, 2011 0
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Is It Possible For Ted Williams To Change?

Ted Williams, a homeless man with a “golden voice”, has been in the news a great deal lately. (If you’re unfamiliar with Ted’s story, watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWG6zNf4xY0 Last week, our own Jan Marshall was a guest on the KOIN Studio 6 talk show to discuss Ted Williams and the difficulty in overcoming addiction. Jan’s interview…

5 January 17th, 2011 0
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New Guide to Homeless Resources Available

Street Roots recently released the latest edition of the “Rose City Resource,” a comprehensive guide to homeless resources in Portland, Oregon. The guide provides address, phone numbers and operation hours for the numerous agencies that assist with meals, shelter, showers, clothing, medical assistance and more.  Copies can be picked up at the Street Roots office…

7 January 14th, 2011 0
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5,000 lbs. of Fresh Food — Thanks to B-Line and Whole Foods!

An innovative company in Portland is helping feed thousands of people in need.  Thanks to the work of B-Line Urban Delivery and their B-share program, Portland Rescue Mission received over 5,000 lbs. of food to provide meals for men, women and children affected by homelessness. B-Line specializes in “sustainable urban delivery”, using large cargo tricycles to…

4 January 13th, 2011 0
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Russel’s Story of Hope

“I hid under my blanket. My eyes were open the whole night.” Russel’s Story of Hope (Quicktime Version) Russel’s first night on the streets was frightening. No job. No place to live. He knew he was capable of much more. Thanks to friends like you, people like Russel have a way back to a safe,…

5 January 10th, 2011 0
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Candice – Homeless and Mentally Ill

From Darsey, a staff member of Portland Rescue Mission.  Darsey often joins with our staff and volunteers on Monday nights as they wash and massage the feet and hands of homeless women. Candice* oscillates between states of awareness and fits of giggling. Her hair is dirty and matted to her head. When we see her…

4 January 4th, 2011 1
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