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John’s Story of Hope

John was just one of 154,000 veterans who sleep on the street each night. Then he came to Portland Rescue Mission for help. John’s Story of Hope (Quicktime Version) John from pdxmission on Vimeo. Support our troops. Donate online at www.PortlandRescueMission.org or call 503-MISSION. Your online gift today helps more veterans like John start a…

7 May 31st, 2010 0
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Betty Jean’s Story of Hope

A 24-year drug addiction made Betty Jean desperate enough to turn to prostitution. Betty Jean’s Story of Hope (Quicktime Version) Betty Jean from pdxmission on Vimeo. “I was totally out of control,” she remembers. “I was doing things I said I would never do. I know I’d be dead in some alley if God hadn’t…

7 May 24th, 2010 0
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A Rose By Any Other Name

From the “Changing the World” blog: http://walking4change.blogspot.com/2010/05/rose-by-any-other-name.html Homelessness wasn’t talked about when I was a kid. It didn’t exist as far as we knew in Connecticut. But then we were the sheltered wealthy where dirty little secrets like poverty couldn’t touch us. Even in the streets of New York where we spent almost as much…

8 May 18th, 2010 0
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David’s Story of Hope

David’s twin sister was murdered. Overcome by grief and left without family support, David’s life crumbled. He became homeless, unable to cope with life. David’s Story of Hope (Quicktime Version) David’s Story of Hope from pdxmission on Vimeo.David isn’t an addict. He isn’t lazy. He’s simply a broken man looking for a way back home.…

6 May 17th, 2010 0
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New Life Graduations

13 men and women celebrated milestones in their recovery in April 2010. New Life Graduations (Quicktime Version) New Life Graduations from pdxmission on Vimeo. Thanks to your support these courageous men and women have faced the root causes of their addiction and hopelessness. They’ve completed a 12-18 month intensive recovery including counseling, education, life skills…

9 May 10th, 2010 0
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Bright Flowers of New Life

From Holly, a staff member of Portland Rescue Mission: Last winter, we received a bag of donated tulip bulbs. In February, a few of our staff planted them at Shepherd’s Door, our women and children’s recovery center. We lovingly dug holes, added fertilizer, watered them and covered them over with compost and soil. We provided…

9 May 7th, 2010 0
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Small Makes A Big Difference

Allison Small presents Bill Miller,Director of Developmentwith a generous donation. Allison Small has achieved some big things. The Clackamas High School student went all out for her senior project by organizing a fund raising banquet and silent auction last month to help homeless men, women and children through Portland Rescue Mission. A culinary student since…

10 May 6th, 2010 0
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May We Have a Mile of Your Time?

Portland resident Lynn McPherson is walking from Canada to Mexico to raise homelessness awareness. On Tuesday, May 11, she’ll pass through Portland. You’re invited to join the staff, volunteers and recovery residents of Portland Rescue Mission as we walk with Lynn during the Change for Life celebration event. Please join us for one or both…

9 May 4th, 2010 0
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8 Women Start New Life!

Andrea, Mina, Terri, Debbie,Alla, Emily, Erinand Lynn (not pictured) Last Friday, April 30th, eight women celebrated their new lives as graduates of our New Life recovery program. During their stay at Shepherd’s Door, our recovery ministry for women and children, these courageous women faced the root causes of their addiction and homelessness. Thanks to your…

8 May 3rd, 2010 0
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