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More Than A Haircut

Every month, volunteers from Hands of Favor show up at the Burnside Shelter and transform a spare room into a temporary barber’s shop. Residents from our Connect program, a three-month homeless assistance program helping men or women transition to independent housing and employment, can sign up to get a professional haircut. Along with the career planning support, safe environment and shelter the Connect program provides, a haircut might just be the next step toward stability and a new beginning for these guests.

I love people,” said Hands of Favor’s founder, Derek Thompson,” and I love doing hair.” He continued, “I was aware of how a simple thing like a haircut could make a person feel better about themselves. It makes one walk taller, feel more confident, and it can also be a motivation.

Since Hands of Favor was founded in 2013, they have provided more than 8,000 free haircuts to men, women and children in need in the community. Thank you for all you do!