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About Homelessness

Easter on the streets for many homeless: How you can help

Easter is such a powerful reminder of God’s power to bring life out of death, hope out of despair. Many of us will spend this Easter celebrating with friends and family, making memories and enjoying good food together.

But there’s a growing crowd of men, women and children who are left out… literally.
Cold weather continues to hit people hard in our community, especially those with no home. More and more hurting souls come to the Mission for a hot meal… clean clothes… a safe, warm place to sleep. The need is as great as ever – more than 330,000 meals and 80,000 nights of safe shelter last year!

This will be the first Easter on the streets for many suffering from homelessness. They’ve never had to ask for help like this before. But you know times are especially difficult right now. Men and women in distress regularly turn to Portland Rescue Mission when they’re going through tough times. And they know we’ll be there for them – thanks to the support of friends like you.

Roger never dreamed that he’d end up homeless. A tender-hearted man, he left a good-paying job to provide 24-hour care for his grandmother. When she died, Roger was heartbroken with grief – and suddenly left with nowhere to stay.

“I ended up living in a tent on the streets.
I was very, very bitter. I hated God.
I didn’t understand what I did to deserve this.”

The shock of being left homeless hit Roger hard. Months of living on the streets left him lonely, hurting and malnourished.

“I was so hungry that I didn’t care anymore.
When you’re starving, you’ll do anything to put something in your belly.
There were times I just wanted to give up and end my life.”

Last winter, Roger fell ill from pneumonia. Going back to the streets would mean death, the doctors told him. He had to get help.

At The Harbor, our free recovery program for men, Roger found care he scarcely believed possible. More than just food and shelter, Roger was surrounded by people who genuinely cared about him, which he hadn’t experienced for a very long time. Reconnection with God and in-depth counseling opened Roger’s heart to change. He let go of the anger and regrets he’d carried in his heart for decades. His entire approach to life was transformed.

“A year ago, you wouldn’t want to know me.
Now I just want to be closer to God, to be trustworthy and faithful.
I can move forward without any regrets.
It’s like a new life for me. I’m just so thankful.”

Isn’t that what Easter is all about? God’s power to bring life out of death. Light out of darkness. Hope out of despair. Joyful rebirth like this happens every day at the Missionbecause people like you support our life-restoring programs.

Between now and Easter, people who are hurting or homeless turn to us for 700-800 hot, nutritious meals each day. Each meal is an opportunity to change a hurting person’s life. For some, the meal they get at Portland Rescue Mission will be the beginning of a new life in Christ. Men and women might come thinking they need nothing more than a meal… but then they find help to meet much deeper needs. And it all starts with their first visit to the Mission –

The first time they sit down at our table…

The first time the Easter story speaks straight to their heart…

The first time they find compassion, no strings attached.

It costs us just $1.60 to serve a wonderful meal at the Mission—a high value at very low cost thanks to generous donations, volunteers and reduced overhead. Each meal represents hope and love to a man or woman in need. Please consider giving today towards an Easter meal.

Thank you for your partnership with Portland Rescue Mission… at Easter and all year. With your help, we serve everyone who comes to us. Lives like Roger’s are transformed by the power of the resurrection. Your support makes new life possible.

He is risen indeed,

Eric Bauer
Executive Director