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Burnside Shelter

Just $1.60 Provides A Hot Thanksgiving Meal To A Hungry Man or Woman


You’re probably already making plans for Thanksgiving. Family, friends, great memories and fun-filled events.

At Portland Rescue Mission, we’re in the middle of big plans, too!

We want to make this Thanksgiving season extra special for thousands of hurting people right here in our community. Otherwise, Thanksgiving will be thank-less — even bitter — for many people facing homelessness who’ve lost hope.

This Thanksgiving season, there are thousands of people in our community just like Terry — people who struggle in despair. Without help from caring friends like you, they won’t celebrate any holiday at all — only the vicious daily cycle of hunger pains, nights of fitful sleep, no warm, dry clothes, and no place of refuge without feeling ashamed.

Thanksgiving only serves to deepen that emptiness. But you can help.




You and I have the privilege of bringing God’s love to hurting people this Thanksgiving — without judgment, without hesitation.  But I need to ask you to act now with a gift — because now Thanksgiving is just weeks away.

Every $1.60 you give today can change a life of someone like Terry. Your gift provides more than just a hot meal around our welcoming Thanksgiving table. Your support connects people in need to programs at the Mission and area resources to address the root causes of their homelessness and bring it to an end.

Please donate as generously as you can to make this Thanksgiving one that hurting people will be truly grateful for.

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“When you’re really hungry and you go without eating much for a week, it’s a struggle. And then you come to the Mission and get fed pretty well—that saved my life. I honestly would be dead if I didn’t have this place.” ~ Terry

Living on the streets was so much harder than Terry imagined. Winter chill drove him to walk all night long, just to stay warm. Sickness and infections nearly killed him more than once. Hunger tore at his insides. He was beyond miserable.

The holidays were the worst, when the loneliness and regret stung hard. The holidays bring that desire to be with family and loved ones, and I didn’t have that.”

When he was starving—for food, for friendship and for hope—a hot meal at Portland Rescue Mission helped turn Terry’s life around. Now Terry is glad to be in our free, long-term recovery program at The Harbor, reconnecting with God and healing from addiction.