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Burnside Shelter

Help Stock Our Pantry — Thanksgiving is Coming Soon!


Can you imagine 700 people coming to your place for Thanksgiving? We can!

Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but with hundreds of hungry people coming to the Mission for a great meal — well, we need to start now to make sure there’s plenty of food!

We also need your generosity to make sure every guest we meet has a warm, filling plate of food to strengthen and nourish them in their time of need.

The good news is every plate of food we prepare and serve costs just $1.60. That’s such a small amount to make a big difference in the life of a lonely, hurting man or woman.

Any gift you make today can go a long way to feed hungry souls and start folks down the path to more lasting life transformation.


A meal began the change in Jeff’s life. And a meal could change the life of hundreds of other people too!

Please give generously today to help us stock our pantry shelves and be ready for the upcoming holiday season.

We can’t serve any of these meals without the support of people like you. Thanks for caring. Thanks for giving!

[callout title=”You Can Restore People Like Jeff”]

Jeff knows what it’s like to be homeless and hungry, worrying when his next meal might be. The gnawing pain in his gut wasn’t just from going without food. It was regret over his failures. Fear that his life was over.

“I was living downtown, homeless. I didn’t have anybody to turn to or anywhere I could go. Portland Rescue Mission was my safe haven from the chaos of the street.”

Inside the Mission, Jeff couldn’t believe the difference. People greeted him like a friend. Hot breakfast and dinner tasted so wonderful after going without food for so long. A shower, clean clothes and a bed never felt so good in his life. Jeff felt human again.

Now Jeff wanted more out of life! He joined our year-long New Life Ministry for men at The Harbor so he could learn how to break free from negative behaviors that held him back all his life. The difference has been life-changing.

“I’m so grateful for the love and acceptance here. I no longer have to worry about my next meal or how I’m going to make it through the day. Now I can figure out the problems I’ve had so I can move forward in my life.”