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About Homelessness

Homelessness by the numbers and Portland Rescue Mission’s response

homeless-individual-pushing-cartAt Portland Rescue Mission, our ultimate goal is to give hope and restore life to people who are homeless, addicted and in need of a helping hand. We are here to serve, and we want to get our services to as many people as possible who will benefit from them. It’s why we have three very distinct areas of focus with our Hope Ministries, Pathway Ministries and New Life Ministries.

What are the real actual numbers behind homelessness in Portland, Oregon? Sadly, while many of the statistics offer reason for heartbreak, they also offer a glimmer of hope as to what is currently being done to eradicate homelessness. Read on to see the numbers for yourself and find out how Portland Rescue Mission is helping.


4,000 homeless people live in Portland, including those on the streets, in shelters, in transitional housing

11,000 people are staying with family or friends, who are considered one step away from becoming homeless

40 percent of homeless are women and children, the fastest growing demographic

No. 49 out of 50 – Where Portland ranks in available emergency beds for homeless individuals out of 50 U.S. cities (From The Oregonian)


330,000 hot, nutritious meals served each year at our Burnside Shelter ($1.60 per meal)

950 meals served daily at breakfast and dinner every day plus lunch on the weekends at our Burnside Shelter

1,000 people in need receive their mail at our Burnside Shelter

80,000 nights of safe rest provided through our shelter and recovery programs each year

homeless-individual-sleeping332 men and women (total capacity) stay with us nightly in our shelter and recovery programs

24/7/365 private restrooms are available to men and women at our Burnside Shelter

50 percent or more people in our New Life Ministries are clean, sober and productive one year after completing recovery program

3 facilities operated by Portland Rescue Mission (Burnside Shelter, The Harbor and Shepherd’s Door)

3,000 volunteers support Portland Rescue Mission’s service to city’s homeless and hurting

1,000 vehicles are donated annually to Drive Away Hunger, supporting Portland Rescue Mission’s work

30,000 donors support Portland Rescue Mission’s work during the year (we receive no government funding)

650,000 pounds of toiletries, clothing and food is donated to Portland Rescue Mission each year

Join our efforts in giving hope to men, women and children who are suffering from homelessness and addiction. Give a special gift today or apply online to volunteer. Our ministry is powered by the support of compassionate people like you who are champions for people in need. We are eternally grateful.