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How We Help

How We Help
At Portland Rescue Mission, our foundation is built on a viewpoint of hopefulness! We believe that God can change the life of anyone. By healing the core issues behind homelessness and addiction – often rooted in trauma, grief and relational brokenness – people can step forward into permanent, positive change.
Here’s how we help:
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Food & Shelter [link to Burnside Shelter]
Addictions Recovery [link to New Life Ministries]
Vocational Training [link to Vocational Training]
In 2019 Portland Rescue Mission made a difference
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371,453 hot, nutritious meals_link to Burnside Shelter
89,536 nights of shelter_link to Burnside Shelter
Lives impacted by Extended Shelter Programs providing transition off the street_link to Burnside Shelter, Connect
Lives impacted by comprehensive Recovery Programs providing healing and spiritual encouragement
80% of graduates from the last 4 years are in stable housing free from addiction
_link to New Life Ministries
Stories of Hope
Compassionate care and community instills hope and changes the lives of those who come to us in need.
-link to Stories of Hope
_link to Donate Now